Does the equipment support your specific needs? Are you willing to use it? Will it fit into your everyday life and routine? Have you tried a demo of the equipment? Do you understand what the equipment is for? Do you need to take it with you when you leave the house? Is it transportable? Does the equipment have any limitations that would make it unsuitable for you? Will it work alongside any assistive technology you already have?


Is a simpler piece of equipment available, e.g. a pill case rather than an automated pill

dispenser? Does the equipment need a plug socket, and will its wire cause a trip hazard? Is it easy to use? Can you read/hear it clearly and are any buttons big enough for you? Are you able to use it? Are there any aspects you don’t understand? Is it portable? Will it need to be installed by a professional? Can the retailer provide you with training in using the equipment?


Will it work if you have pets or live with other people, e.g. could someone else set off a sensor alarm by accident? Have you read reviews of the piece of equipment you are looking at? Consider these before making your purchase. Can you speak to someone who already uses it? Does it require batteries? Find out how often they will need changing and whether the equipment will remind you to do this. Is it durable? If you might drop it, is it likely to break?


Do you know how much it costs? Will you need to pay a monthly charge? Are there alternative solutions that might be free? Is there a cost associated with servicing the equipment?

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